49 Vegan Christmas Recipes

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays. Try one of these vegan recipes and keep everyone satisfied, you won’t even miss the meat!

1. Carrot Cake Truffles with Vanilla Bean Icing

Easy to make raw carrot cake truffles that are vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and most importantly delicious. No bake cake balls that are suitable for a raw food diet with a cashew cream frosting. Maple syrup is heated but contains nutrients so is generally accepted as suitable for raw foodists.

From: Nest & Glow

2. Vegan and Gluten-Free Carmelitas

While these aren’t light in terms of calories, if you are going to splurge with a dessert, this is a great way to do it.  They are made with no refined flour or refined sugar.  And, of course, they are vegan, which means you have a dairy-free dessert as well as gluten-free.  If you have friends or family who need an allergy-friendly dessert, this is a great pick!

From: Healthy Happy Mama

3. Powdered Sugar Snow Donuts

These vegan star-shaped donuts dusted with powdered sugar are the perfect treat for the holidays! They are super fluffy on the inside, and crisp on the outside – just like donuts should be.

From: Elephantastic Vegan

4. Christmas Brownies (Vegan and Gluten Free)

All I want for Christmas is… Brownies. These gooey, chocolatey brownies are made with a Christmas twist – Festive spices and mincemeat! You could call these Mince Pie Brownies but for those who don’t like mince pies… I think you will love these brownies. They’re also made with gluten-free flour and are vegan too!

From: Wall Flower Kitchen

5. Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

This is by far the BEST Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole, ever! The crunchy butter pecan topping is to die for, and no one would guess it’s vegan.

From: Nora Cooks

6. Pumpkin Pie Bars with Almond Cookie Crust

These pumpkin pie bars with almond cookie crust make a healthy Fall treat loaded with pumpkin flavour! They’re naturally vegan, paleo and gluten-free!

From: Choosing Chia

7. Vegan Monkey Bread (With Gluten-free option)

Classic monkey bread with a Vegan twist, made from homemade sweet dough, rolled in cinnamon then drizzled in sugary goodness.

From: Allergylicious

8. Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

Vegan thumbprint cookies with a raspberry jam center and an almond glaze. Sound good? Great!

From: Loving it Vegan

9. Vegan Green Bean Casserole

It’s hard to imagine a holiday table without green bean casserole! This Vegan Green Bean Casserole has a creamy base and a crisp, crunchy topping without using any animal products. You can prepare it ahead of time, too!

From: Nora Cooks

9. Festive Crunchy and Creamy Onion + Mushroom + Potato Pot Pies

Yes, that’s right, you see what I see.  You see Potato Mushroom Onion Pot Pies and your eyes are telling you that your stomach is very very hungry.  Suddenly, you stop what you’re doing and you run to the kitchen to make these delicious, perfect little pot pies.  Don’t worry, I don’t judge you if you all four and don’t share them… they’re just that good baby.

From: Food by Maria

10. Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie

All you do is add the ingredients to a blender, blend, pour into pie shell, and bake! It’s perfectly creamy and full of pumpkin spice. No one will know it’s vegan! 

From: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

11. Perfect Vegan Cinnamon Buns

So, how do we feel about cinnamon buns? More specifically, super soft, ultra-fluffy, perfectly sweetened and spiced, 100% VEGAN cinnamon buns complete with a sticky pecan raisin glaze AND a drizzle of creamy maple cashew icing?

From: I Love Vegan

12.Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

Great as a side dish – or a main meal, let’s be real – these homemade scalloped potatoes are totally vegan and totally DELICIOUS. If you have a deep love for potatoes like I do, you’ll love this recipe. These scalloped potatoes are also oil-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

From: Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

13. Festive Butternut Roast

This Festive Butternut Roast can be made a few days ahead, wrapped in foil and kept in the fridge, then just reheated in the oven for 10-15 minutes before serving.

From: The Veg Space

14. Vegan Pecan Pie

Everyone’s favorite pie veganized – Vegan Pecan Pie – with simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. This is a classic recipe given a southerntwist with a little rum. Don’t worry, it will evaporate while baking, leaving a richly flavored, gooey dessert. This is an intensely sweet pie with a vanilla base.

15. Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

Thick, chewy, classic peanut butter cookies, in vegan form! These cookies have so much peanut-y flavour, you’d never be able to tell they’re vegan!

From: Sweet like Cocoa

16.Thanksgiving Cabbage

Expecting a vegetarian at your table this thanksgiving? This roasted cabbage is the way to go! It’s savory, sweet, and salty on the outside and super tender on the inside.  Want to adapt this recipe for vegans? Swap out the butter for vegan butter or olive oil!

From: Delish

17. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

These vegan gingerbread cookies are based on an old family recipe and are always a big crowd-pleaser! They use simple ingredients and are so easy to make.

From: Pickles & Honey

18. Date Caramel

Try this Date Caramel as a replacement fr the regular stuff. Tastes delicious in your morning coffee. 

From: Amy Le Creations

19. Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles

These dark chocolate pumpkin truffles will be your new favorite no bake fall dessert! Gluten free, vegan, and taste like a pumpkin spice truffle! A mouthwatering dessert that everyone will love!

From: Build Your Bites

20. Vegan Mashed Potato Bowls

These Vegan Mashed Potato Bowls are all the things you crave in the fall and winter in one bowl! The creamiest, dreamiest vegan mashed potatoes, crispy, crunchy tofu and veggies, roasted veggies and corn. All topped with the easiest and somehow most delicious vegan gravy ever! You need these, I need these, the world needs these. These vegan mashed potato bowls are comforting as heck!

From: Rabbit and Wolves

21. Vegan Gluten Free Black Forest Trifle

Rich, decadent and 100% plant-based! This vegan gluten free black forest trifle is so delicious and good-for-you that you could eat it up for dessert with ZERO guilt.

From: Kara Lydon

22. Vegan Red Velvet Cake

This vegan strawberry cake is a dream! Topped with strawberry buttercream frosting and decorated with fresh strawberries it’s a strawberry lovers dream come true! The strawberry flavor comes through perfectly and comes from strawberry purée and a little strawberry essence.

From: Loving it Vegan

23. Vegan Spanish Croquettes

These Spanish spinach croquettes are a typical tapa in bars all around Spain. They’re simple to make, packed with flavour and make a great vegan party finger food or appetizer!

From: Cilantro & Citronella

24. Easy Vegan Pie Crust

How to make easy vegan pie crust in the food processor (or by hand) in 15 minutes or less! This pie crust is flaky, tender and delicious. No one would guess it’s free of animal products!

From: Nora Cooks

25. Maple Roasted Carrots With Cranberries

This dish is low on effort and easy to make. If you are not a fan of harissa or it’s too untraditional for you, feel free to skip it or swap it out for a range of dry spices like cumin, cinnamon, coriander, paprika or chilli. They all work with carrots, maple syrup and cranberries rather well too.

From: Lazy Cat Kitchen

26. Vegan Black Forest Cake

This heavenly Vegan Black Forest Cake is incredibly delicious and made without any dairy ingredients. The recipe is simple and can also be made sugar-free and gluten-free. It’s perfect for a birthday or as a dessert for a cozy afternoon.

From: Bianca Zapatka

27. The Best Vegan Eggnog

You’ll never drink eggnog from a carton again. This is so easy to throw together and is totally incomparable to the store bought variety. Quick, simple, no risk for salmonella poisoning, whole foods and no sugar added, you really can’t go wrong. Plus, it’s incredibly delicious! Why have anything else!? You really have to make this, I cannot get over it!

From: Produce On Parade

28. Vegan Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies

A spiced butter cookie filled with creamy eggnog-flavored cheesecake, these vegan Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies are the ultimate holiday cookie. Sure to impress!

From: My Darling Vegan

29. Vegan Pecan Pie (8 Ingredients + Gluten Free)

Not only is this Vegan Pecan Pie so damn delicious, but it’s also Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, and made from only 8 healthy ingredients!

From: From My Bowl

30. Vegan Lentil Loaf with Gravy

This vegan lentil loaf is such a great recipe for the holiday season! It’s festive, easy to make, healthy, and soooo delicious! I served it with vegan gravy, pumpkin and sweet potato mash, and cranberry sauce. Impress your family at your next family dinner with this lentil loaf!

From: Vegan Heaven

31. 3-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Make your Christmas chocolates at home with this simple 3-ingredient Vegan Chocolate Truffle recipe. A rich and decadent chocolate ganache base covered in a crisp chocolate coating, these truffles make the perfect DIY gift. 

From: My Darling Vegan

32. Vegan Chocolate Amaretti Cookies

The perfect homemade cookies for Christmas! These irresistible vegan, gluten-free chocolate amaretti are super easy to make and taste delicious! 

From: Gathering Dreams

33. Easy Vegan Gravy

Do you have 5 minutes? Then you can make this Easy Vegan Gravy! Made with just 6 ingredients, this gravy is ridiculously easy to make. Your mashed potatoes are begging for it!

From: Nora Cooks

35. Vegan Christmas Pudding Protein Balls

Get in the festive mood with these homemade Chocolate Christmas Pudding protein balls! These energy balls are deliciously, sweet and gently spiced.  Plus I love the chewy texture when you eat them straight out of the fridge.

From: Healthy & Psyched

36. Homemade Christmas Liquor

Make this homemade Christmas Liquor with apples, oranges, cinnamon and more! It’s the perfect little gift for your relatives or co-workers.

From: Elephantastic Vegan

37. Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies

These Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies are perfect for the holidays. Crispy on the outside and soft and fudge-y in the middle. Made in under 30 minutes.

From: My Darling Vegan

38. Glazed Tofu Roast (AKA the Actual Best Tofu Ever)

This glazed tofu roast is the baked tofu centerpiece of your dreams. Prepared in a smoky-sweet marinade, slow-roasted and then covered in a spicy orange glaze, this is a succulent vegan roast that makes a beautiful holiday entree.

From: Yup… It’s Vegan

39. Vegan Canilla Custard Slice

Vegan Vanilla Custard Slice with a creamy custard surrounded by flaky pastry. Only 6 ingredients (with 2 extra optionals) and simple to make.

Fromr: Amy Le Creations

40. Vegan Lasagna

This classic vegan lasagna will make the whole family happy! Say hello to layers of vegan ricotta, marinara sauce, lasagna noodles, and vegan béchamel sauce.

From: Karissas Vegan Kitchen

41. Vegan Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies

Pillowy soft, cakey, frosted cookies- they are almost like the top of a cupcake that got smushed into a cookie complete with frosting and sprinkles! Decorate them for any occasion, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day, weddings, baby showers. 

From: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

42. Salted Caramel Apple Pie (Vegan)

A drool-worthy dessert that’s surprisingly easy to put together – perfect for making the night before!

From: Wallflower Kitchen

43. Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

Warm up with this hot mug of creamy and rich Vegan Hot Cocoa – just add water! Click the photo for this incredibly easy recipe.

From: My Darling Vegan

43. Vegan Danish Butter Cookies

Vaniljekranse aka Danish Butter Cookies are THE essential Christmas cookie, in my opinion. This is a vegan recipe for those who miss this nostalgic taste…

From: Wallflower Kitchen

44. Vegan Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

These fudgy Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies are perfect for your holiday parties. Just look at that snowy white crinkle! Made in under 30 minutes for a delightfully festive sweet treat.

From: My Darling Vegan

45. Vegetarian Wellington

Portobello mushrooms, butternut squash, spinach, and a mushroom pate mixture are wrapped with puff pastry in this elegant vegetarian and vegan dinner entree. Vegetarian Wellington is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. 

From: Yummy Yummy Kitchen

46. Vegan Savory Spinach and Artichoke Rolls

These savory rolls are bubbly hot amazingness! Like an adorable, portable spinach and artichoke dip!

From: Rabbit and Wolves

47. Vegan Sheperd’s Pie

Good old family classic shepherd’s pie made vegan friendly. A perfect comfort food dish for a cold winter’s day, which the whole family will enjoy (even the fussiest little eaters will love it). Vegan, gluten & dairy free.

From: Fit Foodie Nutter

48. Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Deliciously fluffy vegan mashed potatoes with roasted garlic. Creamy, buttery, garlicky and everything mashed potatoes should be. Gluten-Free.

From: Loving it Vegan

49. Creamy White Wine Vegan Gnocchi

This Creamy White Wine Vegan Gnocchi is a rich and simple meal that will have you coming back for more. Ready in just 20 minutes!

From: This Savory Vegan


Author: Wholesome Living